I have many sound issues with LMMS 1.2.0 Please Help

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First, I want to start by thanking the developers for such a beautiful and powerful software that is open source. This is my first time using LMMS.

My problem is actually quite simple. I want to make good sounding music, but LMMS has some issues with that goal. But first, my computer details.

I have LMMS 1.2.0 32 bit version running on iMac (2011's) with windows 7 bootcamp partition (works exactly as a windows pc) as I can't install Windows 10 on it. My computer runs reaper very good as well as Fl studio, and I can use (Fl Studio) Soundfonts as well as vsts like edirol orchestral and spitfire labs perfectly. I run mainly FL Studio (only tried reaper 3 times) on ASIO DRIVERS, anything else gives me horrible creepy sounds or horrible latency or both. I have 4 GB of RAM.

My issues with LMMS are: The sound and latency.

The Sound: When I play anything rapidly using my midi usb keyboard sometimes the sound cuts itself, there's pops and when using the arpeggio feature it's even worse, also, when using any vst, be it Zynaddsubfx, or edirol orchestral or spitfire labs, there is an airy type of sound, as if it was recorded in a room with lots of air and a bad microphone. This sound starts when playing any note, and stops a while after the note has stopped playing. THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN IN FL STUDIO AT ALL, I try any vst and it comes out crystal clear.

Latency: There is a horrible amount of latency in anything I play, This also doesn't happen in Fl studio where the sound comes immediately.

Things I tried:

1: Setting the device as SDL, nothing happened, still with the airy sound, pops and crackles, and the latency is horrible.
2: Tweaking the buffer, even when increasing the buffer halfway in, I still don't fix the sound problems, and of course the latency is terrible, even at the lowest buffer my latency is terrible.
3: Tweaking settings at SDL settings (typing in some online workarounds like amidi -p hw:2,0,0 -d or hw:0.0)
3: Change SDL as Audio Device, it doesn't work, no other option than SDL even gives me any sound at all, I have tried closing all of my other applications to check if it's like the ASIO drivers on FL Studio scenario which mutes anything other than the DAW in question, and no, LMMS has no sound at all when using anything else other than SDL.

That is everything that is happening right now with my LMMS I hope anyone can help me, I really want to switch to LMMS as I've seen some incredible work done on it, my goal is making orchestral music out of it just like this next video here.


Thanks in advance for your help.
ThePianoDude wrote:
Sat Jun 15, 2019 9:26 pm
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Here are all important links:
-A few rules and useful forum instructions
LMMS 1.2.0 32 bit version running on iMac (2011's) with windows 7 bootcamp partition (works exactly as a windows pc)
"exactly" ,, Nee properly not, im afraid..
Adding this middle-layer would do what you now see
sound and latency.

Furter you also use
That is currently not supported

My best advice to you is to remove this installation completely, and then install the version for MAC directly as a MAC-application:
https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/releases/d ... c10.13.dmg
https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/releases/d ... ac10.8.dmg

You will then not have VSTs support amo limitations, but you will be able to make tracks with the default LMMS packed components, except VST, zasfx, lb302 and afair soundfonts.
Sorry, But MAC is really a WIP.

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