No sample editor......are you serious?

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I was very surprised when I found this out because I thought it was a basic and vital feature that every DAW had.
Yes, I know that "Audio File Processor" exists, but I can only use piano roll with that, and in piano roll; if you skip to a certain part of the loop and you are in the middle of an ongoing note, you will not hear anything. In order to hear something, you must skip to the beginning of the note. This is very problematic if you are trying to remix a song and need to listen to one part of that sample and have to go through the whole thing multiple times. I know that the "continue sample playback across notes" feature is really faulty. You play a couple notes as a test, and then play the loop and it's never the same after every repeat because it continues where it left off even if you play a note and play the piano roll loop.
Even if I sit the sample track by itself in the Song Editor; I still can't hear anything if I skip to a different part of it that isn't the beginning.
Yes, I know that there are 3rd arty VST's that can do what I need for me, but what the hell? Why not incorporate that vital feature in your DAW?(no disrespect)

Solution: Make it able to start playing no matter what part of the sample you start at somehow. I think that could be tough on the CPU, but I think it's still worth it.

(From LMMS version 1.1.3)
Sat Jul 06, 2019 5:13 am
basic and vital feature that every DAW had.

Well that totally depend on what music you make, but good news are coming
Yes, I know that "Audio File Processor" AFP exists, but I can only use piano roll with that, and in piano roll; if you skip to a certain part of the loop and you are in the middle of an ongoing note
You use it wrong. Audio File Processor has settings for start, loop and end-point. You set these, and you will select what part of your sample you will play.
And then - Theres your Sampler!
You only have to automate start, loop and end-point, and AFP will play any part of your sample at the precise position you have chosen!
I demonstrate this method here :

I explain more feature in AFP here:

But now something important:
(From LMMS version 1.1.3)
I recommend you to upgrade!

*If you have made anything ...Back-up your own stuff
*Un-install current installation
*(re)move the config dot-file ... h_Settings
*download a fresh new installation-pack either x32 or x64 of
LMMS 1.2.0
32 Bit: ... -win32.exe
64 Bit: ... -win64.exe
*re-install as administrator and grant all users access
Linux-users need the AppImage on the Linux-tab!
This is however only available as x64
Linux: In Edit| Settings| Misc -Disable'Sync VST plugins to host playback'!!!
10.13+ ... c10.13.dmg
10.8+ ... ac10.8.dmg
MAC does not support VST, zasfx, lb302 and soundfonts.

Rem. to backup before you reinstall!
Let us know the outcome :)

Amo many new features, you will have sample-track that play in any position

And one more benefit with 1.2.0 : Broad-spectrum VST-support!
That is important, because you can now use a VST-distribution-sampler
Slitch will cut-up you sample in equal sizes, and distribute each slice over your keys. So theres one more option for you

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