Soundfonts noot playing sound

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So I had a bunch of soundfonts in .sfz format, I turned them to sf2 and loaded them onto LMMS with the integrated soundfont player but no sound plays in the soundfont player, or in LMMS in general. The soundfonts are working fine, I have tested them in other programs.
I'm very new to LMMS so maybe I'm missing something, any help is appreciated. Thanks!
This may not be your problem but some soundfonts I have I have to click on that "Y" or is it a "wrench" by "patch" in the soundfont player and then I have to click on the instrument to turn it on.
Benudi wrote:
Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:27 pm
I'm very new to LMMS
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So I had a bunch of soundfonts in .sfz format, I turned them to sf2
Njeaaa... Im not sure that will work. What did you use to do that?
LMMS support native SF2, im not sure a converted sfx soundfont will work
If you have one that is smallish in size (~ < 50MB) I would like to test it. You can just upload it to a filepage, drop the link here, but i doubt converted SFx will work in LMMS

The 'Y' thing mentioned stand for Patch and is for soundfonts that are multi-instrumental. -And here:
Image the patch selected is piano-1
-and you should try to click the 'Y' and see if the actual data is encapsulated in am selectable option