Calf pahser plugin

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Watching it now, and it is indeed interesting.

Looks like that vcv. :)
Hello @Gps and @ Musikbear,

Altough not made with lmms but ardour, as you 2 seem to like Jarre's work,
I would like to share with you my last EP, made during lockdown and Jarre inspired. ... essions-ep

So this is my try @ Jarre like music, hope you will like.
I will appreciate your both feedback, as they are always valuable to me ;)

@Gps : this project is all made using FLOSS ;) , the phaser you can hear is the StonePhaser I talked to you.

Thanks and à bientôt !
Well done, and don' t think musicbear has time to listen to it. :)
This video and then especially the phasing part, is probably the effect I am after, but got lost in my struggle with the phaser plugins.

Around 7.20 were he makes the wind.

around 19:36, on the pads.

It's like musicbear sugested a slow phasing.

To some extent I think he is cheating though. He is using Jarre presets, instead of really recreating the Jarre sound from scratch. :P
Gps wrote:
Fri May 22, 2020 10:08 pm
Around 7.20 were he makes the wind.
Is where i says
"a little bit deeper, we can do this"
and then plays:

That is not phaser!
That is a resonance sweep.
You automate the resonance in a sweep where you avoid to go into the area with 'whining' distortion, but is very close, and from there you sweep it to completely closed.
The CU-freq is also important. You can finetune the start output, by setting different CU-freq
On Synth1 additional tweaking can be done with Saturation -or you can use a Sat-sweep -or combine Sat & Reso in a sweep
around 19:36, on the pads.
that is slow phaser, it would absolutely be possible with zasfx, because he does not automate, but Synth1 would be fine as well
Thank you, and in my Jare like track for the wind I am automating the frequency knob of the fillter of the triple oc.

There is also a phaser plugin on it, but I am not using it right now.

For the strings I am using a zasfx preset called Jarre. If Docter Mix can cheat, so can I ;)

Might have to do some digging, I suspect it has phasing.
Also remember, that phasers give rock guitar sounds, that shimmering sound effect. That was something cool, that I learned a few years ago, on another music forum. :) 8-)
What version of lmms are you using? There are some issues like this related to the Calf Limiter shipped with lmms but I don't expect the latest stable versions, lmms-1.2.0+ would cut out like that.
Latest LMMS for Linux. :)