vst plugins

Having trouble with LMMS? Ask about it here.
i just want to know if someone else is experiencing trouble with vst as i cannot load them anymore although vestige used to work very fine with 4.9 ???
thanks in advance
lmms version?
0.4.11 has just been relased -i tested it thourughly. it loads even the 'heavy-one' (DSK Pads*) fast and reliable -and also projects with embedded vst's.
Remeber that the right way to load existing vst is:
http://lmms.sourceforge.net/wiki/index. ... _with_VSTs
(read last paragraph)

* dont misunderstand -DSK-pads is a wonderfull instrument -but.. It actually uses ~800 MB!! and bloats paging chockingly
i probably should have mentionned that i am under ubuntu ...
recently almost all vsts i have used with 0.4.9 worked correctly
being on a double boot winxp-ubuntu ... i noticed those vsts worked correctly under winxp