Multiple tracks using the same instrument (VST)

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is it possible for multiple tracks to use only one instance of an instrument plug-in? The reason why I want this is following. Most VST plug-ins offer different instruments on different MIDI channels. But when I want to use the same VST plug-in in different tracks in LMMS (so that I can have different instruments), I need to load a new instance of the plug-in for each track. I think this is very time- and memory-consuming and it often leads to a crash. Thus, I'd like several tracks to share one instance of the plug-in. Is this possible?


at the moment (on Windoze): in don't think so.
- no sends
- no routing
- no automation into the VST-Plugin
- no splitting on audio-or midichannels

It's not possible to loopback in LMMS.
But what works: Standalone (not VST) and a bridge like LoopBe Internal Midi.

Maybe something more possible on Linux and Jack? I don't have any practice about that.


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