How do I remove entries like "Desktop" from the File options

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I want to remove a couple of directory shortcuts from the File---> [Open, Import, etc.] options. There are two: one is the wrong username and home directory, and the other is Desktop. I don't use the "Desktop" to store anything except some Tcl/Tk apps that reside there on all virtual desktops, and the dock at the bottom of the screen (and I only use Documents for ... you guessed it, actual documents, like copies of my lease, etc. ... everything else is stored in a hierarchy based on the main topic of each (e.g., gamedev, lmms, jstrack,, and so on, and from there, they branch out, e.g., gamedev/Tutorials, gamedev/Tutorials/Godot3, gamedev/Tutorials/Blender, gamedev/Projects, etc.). Having those two there is not a major crisis, but they are a nuisance.

So is there a way to stop LMMS from adding those back every time I restart it and delete them again?

Thanks, Jim

Oh, using LMMS 1.2.2 on M$ Windows 10 Home. wrote:
Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:33 pm
is there a way to stop LMMS from adding those back every time I restart it and delete them again?
Sorry afaik that is windows that does that. It is so in all windows programs.
Oh, well. Leave it to M$ to get more stuff all wrong. As I put in my intro, I'm only using M$ Windows 10 on this gamedev laptop because I can't get the video drivers for Manjaro Linux working for my external (large) monitor, which now also doubles as my TV monitor using its remote, which has a nice little "Source" button. ::-) With Manjaro, what works on my laptop screen (and works on the monitor at the same specs from the TV) doesn't work on it, and about half of it looks almost normal, and the bottom half is just noise. So I'm stuck with M$. This laptop would be SO much more stable, instead of crashing every week to two weeks, we could be talking about uptimes in months (and even with the laptop's battery AND a UPS, someone always manages to hit one of the power poles and takes the power down for hours (or it's a tropical storm or hurricane that does it, or even severe thunderstorms---we are just shy of South FL as the #1 lightning spot in either the US or world ... can't remember, but either way, the difference is negligible between NW FL and that other FL).

Thanks for the response. I'll just let it be mildly annoying, then..