What's up with SF2 Player?

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OK so I understand how SF player works. And considering it's a native plugin, it comes to me as a bit of a confusion when I put new soundfonts in and it seems to not register them. I tried everything i could think, from closing and reopening the sf bank, to closing and reopening the entire program. I dunno how to make it work, so if someone could help that'd be great.
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TrashMan wrote:
Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:53 pm
when I put new soundfonts in and SF2 seems to not register them.
That is not how SF2-lmms
It is not a container for all your sound-fonts in the SF-folder.
You need to load a new SF2 for each new soundfont you would like to use in your project, then click om the pink-folder-icon, and browse to the folder with that soundfont, select it and that specific soundfont will then load in that specific instance of SF2
IF that soundfont has multiple patches, you can select those through the bank/patch buttons. LMMS will remember your selection
Some multi-patch SFs are not compatible with lmms. They are not build as expected.
I wasn't specific. Sorry! See I know i need to select them from the folder, but I have more sf2 files in the folder than what shows up. I don't understand why they don't work. I don't think they're not compatible, but there's likely something im doing wrong. All the files in the folder are all .sf2 btw.

Top one is the Soundfont file outside of LMMS, and bottom is inside LMMS.
Notice how a few sf2 files are missing. I dunno what causes it.
But if that is the case, how would I make them compatable?
TrashMan wrote:
Sun Aug 30, 2020 4:43 pm
Notice how a few sf2 files are missing. I dunno what causes it.
Me neither..
But i want you to try something.
Open new project
In sidebar use bottom-option My-Computer
Browse to one of the SF2 that does not show up
Drag it into song-editor
Can you do that, and does the SF2 make any sound?
Please tell us the name of the SF2 if this fails, because then we need to mark this as a bug
Let us know the outcome :)