MIDI controller button mapping to different instruments

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Can this be done? LMMS maps different MIDI controller buttons to different pitches on the same instrument track by default, but it would be cool to be able to map different instrument tracks to different buttons on the same MIDI controller.

I could use Hydrogen, but LMMS has superior sound design and editing capabilities (I can use stuff like Zynaddsubfx etc.). Any other software recommendations if not LMMS? Can it be done with Carla, Ardour, Qtractor, something else :D?

I want to be able to try out stuff like this :D

To answer my own question to the best of my knowledge: No it is not possible. See https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/issues/1792

If you are using your computer keyboard to test this out, on Linux the two best ways to do this seem to be (without LMMS):

1. Use Hydrogen drum machine
2. Use VMPK+a2jmidid (the a2jmidid ALSA-JACK bridge setup seems tricky on many systems because you need to edit system latency and memory settings to get it to work) + Carla + Drumkv1

I prefer the second option if you can get it to work, because on VMPK you can create custom key maps and I like the Audio editing capabilities/interface of Drumkv1 a bit better than Hydrogen, however, it is quite tricky if you are not on something like Ubuntu Studio with well preconfigured settings for audio stuff.

There may be better ways of doing this, feel free to enlighten me if you are aware of some :)