No sound - MacOS

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Today I can't get any sound from LMMS. I'm running version 1.2.2. I think it was working yesterday.

Now I'm going round the loops of what to change. I've checked I can get sound from other programs. I've also tried rebooting the machine. I've looked at the Audio Midi control.

I think the preferences are OK.

Now I'm mystified. What do other people recommend when this sort of thing happens?
Maybe download lmms and re-install.

This sort of thing is really upsetting. Not sure if it's yet another Catalina (disaster ..... grrr) issue, but it was working a few days ago.

Something must have changed, but I can't find out what. Any suggestions could be helpful. You may suggest throwing the machine out of the window - which is how I feel sometimes - but I think it shouldn't have to come to that.

Could be an interaction with other programs I've run recently, or in the last day or two - such as Logic and/or Musescore.
The way of the world I guess. I fiddled around with a few more things, back to Audio Midi Set up and also to the Sounds (machine) preferences, and it looked as though the default output had been set to a composite - so unchecked that and it now seems to have started to work as I expected.

Quite how this got unset I don't know - one of life's hazards I suppose.

As I recall I only set up that composite output when I was trying (unsuccessfully, as it happens) to show how I was using DAWs in a screen video - with recording the sound track as well - so perhaps one of the packages I was trying to video (probably Logic) reset the default yesterday when I tried to use it to play some midi files.

It very probably is/was due to the Catalina issues which have definitely affected Logic, and made it more difficult and less useful than it was before the OS "upgrade"!