VST plugins window problem.

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Hi there,

I am new to LMMS.

I just installed some custom VST plugins.

However, whenever I open them in LMMS, it seems that the window with a plugin that pops up, cuts some of the options of the plugin. (LINK: https://imgur.com/RegrtDK)

Is there any fix for this?

Looking forward to your help.

MutantPike wrote:
Sat Apr 10, 2021 2:46 pm
Hi there, I am new to LMMS.
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I have to apoligize for not answering your post!
There has beed some 'fail' with posts, that made them not appear on screen
some custom VST plugins cuts some of the options of the plugin.
Yes, it because the vst embed itself in a irregular way.
You can 'fix' that by using the setting:
But then the interfase for teh automation hides it self. You need to toggle the option on/off
However you could refrain from using the VST-UI completely, and only use the LMMS-VST-button-array,
https://lmms.io/wiki/index.php?title=Wo ... nt_Presets
then embedding would not matter