Audio Interface: Alsa or PulseAudio

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hi all

I have a doubt.

In audio settings, audio interface.

What should Alsa (Advancerd Linux Sound Architecture) or PulseAudio ?

LMMS works fine with both options

Im Debian user. Thanks
ALSA allows LMMS to take over the soundcard so it can work more smoothly and with low latency. But then you can't play sound from any other program while LMMS is running.
PulseAudio is a bit more user-friendly but it tends to mess with your soundcard's settings and introduces some latency.

Try both and use the one you prefer.
Which one you prefer? I will use Alsa

Thanks ;)
Some say we should use jack for serious audio.

I see allot of people having issues with jack though.

I agree with dj-pixus.

We will have to wait for pipewire :P

This should makes things more easy for us, like using programs that use jack and pulseaudio together.