Drag-drop Audio Files on Playlist

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Hi, I'd like to suggest a new idea which would make adding audio files easier.
A nice little Drag-Drop system.

What I mean is something like this: (Example)
1. Grab/Drag the audio file from a folder. (Let's say, Audio1.mp3/.wav/.ogg and basically the other supported formats)
2. Move the cursor over the playlist.
3. Release.
4. The playlist would then show the audio wave in the playlist as well as have the audio available in the instruments for further modifications suchs as adding it to the mixer, lowering the pitch, octave and so on.

This would make acapella projects way easier.
avarthar wrote:
Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:24 am
adding audio files easier.
we have it already -By 'play-list' i assume you mean song-editor
* add a sample-track to song-editor
* add one empty block to this track
* Open side-bar, and browse to the sound-clip you want in your project
* drag this clip into the empty block

The options for sample-track is atm limited, but are to be enhanced with mixer-support. Pitch will come one day, but is not scheduled
Thank you for the quick and clear answer, and yes I meant Song Editor ^^' I'm used to calling it playlist.

As for the sample-track drag and drop I meant to be able to just drag from the explorer window onto the software song editor and it would do the same. But now that I know more about how to add it from the side-bar, It should be way easier ^^.

Thanks a lot for the help.