How do I use "VST" instruments that come in .mse files

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Interesting, we are about the same age. :)

It might not be normal having to restart a computer, but my experience on windows tells me other wise.

If I don't do it windows gets slow, and buggy. My pc is dual boot though, windows 10 for some games, Linux (openSUSE) for everything else including games with a Linux versions.

I hardly boot windows 10 any more. :)

Those mse files are probably some kind of archive files storing a sound.
About things going buggy when windows needs a reboot: Yes, that's true. But after the last crash/restart (about a week ago, where M$ thinks they have the right to reboot my system for patches without my permission ... the don't, and I've done the registry edits to block them, but sometimes they do it anyways, before I get to it), a freshly-restarted system still had this issue. I was still trying to get this working at the time. I think I forgot to mention that (chemobrain from my first cancer, 2006--7, has been messing with me a lot lately after leaving me alone for a long time).
I hope you get well soon. :(

And you bring up points, why I am on Linux. On Linux its my pc, I am the boss, not my os. :)
Thanks, but like I said, that was 2006--7. :-) Cancer #2 was either 2011 or 2012. Cancer #3, which never happened, was detected before it became cancer #3 about 6--8 months ago, when a cyst was checked in the lab and determined to be (according to gi doc, pre-cancerous; according to my doc---fantastic doc, btw, and my oncologists, cancer precursor ... either way, if we hadn't caught it, it would have been cancer within about a year from then). And that's the last time I'll ever resist getting a colonoscopy. GI specialist doc said next in five years. I said how about next in one year..... :-)

But this is drifting way off-topic again...not that I really see much left on this topic, unless someone has a major breakthrough with new information. I'm past being ready to be unhappy when I download VSTs that turn out not to be VSTs, but MSEs instead. M$ may be getting confused about which type of .mse file it is---here are three that I found in one search result:

* 3ds Max Encrypted MAXScript files
* XML-like format used to describe ... file format used to store audio data.
* Perfect Keyboard ... a macro file that enables ....
* Magic Set Editor

But then, the file extension, with rare exceptions, is only for human consumption, and the file header is what actually tells the OS what kind of file it is, so that may not have anything to do with it. For example, I could have vet records for my Norwegian Forest Cat (Wegie), Jinx and call the file "Jinx.vetRecords (or simply JinxVetRecords with no extension, or even, if I want to hide his vet records, .JinxVetRecords) and it'd work just fine. I have shell scripts that both have a .sh extension, and don't. It's the "#!/bin/sh" in the first line that identifies it as a shell script (in this case, under Cygwin). So again, that might not have anything to do with it.

Who knows.........
Jinx, if you don't mind, could we have a screenshot (Win-Shift-S) of this dll in the folder? I have no doubts about how it's been saved, but I'd like to take a look if it's possible.
Also, as I understand it, Windoez itself cannot 'get confused' about the 'type of MSE'- as I understand, it only routes extensions to specific apps (thus my BAKs always open with LMMS regardless of whether they're a3p baks or mmp baks). The extension itself is for the application to bother about, and in my case at least, it seemed that it wasn't LMMS handling the MSEs, but rather LMMS handled only the VST dll and the dll itself searching for the MSEs and using them in the right way. Given the interface, I can assume that if the MSEs never loaded correctly the DLL itself would have some sort of error.
I might be learning something here.

I thought unix/ Linux does not care about the extension, but windows does ?

Those mse files need to be found by that .dll probably.
The only thing I can think of. That why I extracted the zipfile in my vst folder.
Jinx wrote:
Thu May 13, 2021 12:04 am
>> Follow these instruction the the letter!
>If you insist....
Insist naee, but if we should catch that bug, it a prerequest
> Do this:
> Go to C:\Users\<name>\Documents\lmms\samples

Navigating to that directory (replacing <name>) fails, because there is
no document called lmms in Documents.
No Documents is a folder. It has been a fixture of Windows for ..idk ..since win98 afair
Its a system-folder, with its own special icon

You should have that folder!
The folder is also known as the user-domain. Almost every game or program that you install, will create some kind of ..crap in that folder, (something i always detested, because it is a part of why the system-disk get filled up with files :/ )
But you do not have it!
You root should look something like this:
And i does not afaiu?! That really makes me wonder what installation of window you may have
I cant remember if you told us...
Could you make a screenshot of your root?
Musikbear, Jinx has a Windows ten home, and he has deleted the documents etc folders of his own accord because he didn't want them there. His default LMMS save location is somewhere else.
Jinx, not all of us have first language English. Thus, the more information you send and the more specific you are about other information which doesn't need as many details, the harder it is for some of us to dissect your language. Requesting you to keep that in mind when posting replies. We can understand it, but it's not as easy for us as it is for you.
I never said I didn't HAVE a Documents folder. It's right there, as c/jjim/Documents. I said I only use it for actual documents. I don't care how M$ wants to use it. My laptop does not belong to M$, and they have no say over how I configure it.

And, as I've already posted several times, M$ windows 10 home. I'm not going to do a screenshot, as such, but I'll show you the contents of c:/

(8:33) % ls -C1
Documents and Settings@
Free MIDI Player/
Matrix Games/
Program Files/
Program Files (x86)/
System Volume Information/
(8:33) %

So there's the directory listing of c:/ you wanted. Not that it's going to tell you anything about my LMMS configuration that I haven't already said here.

As for file extensions, if M$ is relying on those, it's going to have a very difficult time with files that A) use the same extension as something else, or B) use something like BlurryImageJinxMoved-Tiff.fubar (which, when you look at the file header, which could be, for example, a .tiff file FTP'd from my Linux laptop to this one). (Made-up filename in that example, but it is a valid example).
I only know there is one difference between my Linux (openSUSE), and my windows 10 pro.

LMMS makes .bak files. On Linux I can open those without renaming them. On windows 10 I have to take the .bak part away.

Musikbear is trying to help you, like him, I wonder if your not default filesystem is causing this.
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