Certain projects won't play any sound

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A while back I had an incident where my operating system (Gentoo) died and I needed to migrate all of my files to a new Freebsd install, which is where I am now (although I have tried moving them to Ubuntu and I have the same problem). The problem is that certain projects, for some reason, will not play any sound. Not even if I add a new track to them or export them. It doesn't seem to be about the age of the project, although all new ones I create work. I could really use to access some of the affected projects.
Amusician wrote:
Hi and Welcome Amusician! These are for you:

Amusician wrote: (Gentoo) died and I needed to migrate
and everything was fine before you migrated?
If you will let me have a look on one of the weird project, i will see if there is something in the structure that can explain this, but i am a bit baffled :/
Just send me a link as im, if you do not want to go public, else you can just use LSP
Amusician, are there any automation tracks in those songs? What if you made it "turn down the volume" of certain tracks and forgot to adjust it at the beginning of the song? I remember I did that once.... lol
It's happened to most of my old projects, which is to say a few dozen, and definitely not all of them have automation tracks. I can't send you a link because it isn't posted anywhere online, but I've posted it to the lsp page at https://lmms.io/lsp/?action=show&file=8110.
Maybe the path to your samples need to be fixed?

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 <instrument name="audiofileprocessor">
            <audiofileprocessor reversed="0" looped="0" lframe="0" interp="1" eframe="1" stutter="0" sframe="0" src="ryan/sso/percussion/glockenspiel-a3.wav" amp="100"/>
Well that particular project doesn't make any sound because the master fader in FX mixer is turned down to zero.

How it got there I don't know but I guess it's worth checking in any other projects you have trouble with.

Amusician wrote: I've posted it to the lsp
Fine i'l look at it, but i think slipstick already nailed it :)
And käyttäjä80637165 input is important. If you do not have the same path-structure after the migrating, then nothing will work!
Wow, you were right! I don't know what happened but somehow the master fader got turned down to zero on most of my projects. It's fixed now, thanks!
Just occasionally there really is a simple answer. Glad everything's o.k. again.