The Party - Kraze, Cover attempt

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Gps wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 10:08 pm
This zynth keeps surprising me, its awesome.
Indeed it is! If anyone has any specific things they like to learn in zasfx, ask for a tut. I may know.

Btw. More zasfx tuts here: ... R7Ncz5Zwo6
I also figured out, why I did not get an email when you uploaded a vid.

Has to do with the email address, the one were I probably did get a message, because I am subscribed to you're channel, is one I don't use much.

Might have a look on how to change that.

I am also gonna have a look at all youre zynaddsubfx vids, some I should already seen at least ones, but I feel I might be on a break trough of understanding zynaddsubfx.

And I think you have a vid explaining the voices (layering) part. :)
musikbear wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:45 pm
Gps wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:28 pm
waiting for a ZynAddsubFx tutorial, which might solve that problem.
Mine? Its been up for some week now :)
To come back to this.

The Vid really helped me. The zynaddsubFX sound got so powerfull, it was over powering everything else. :o
Gps wrote:
Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:01 pm
zynaddsubFX sound got so powerfull,
Yes zasfx has a punch, when it is tweaked like that! Glad it helped :)
Still having export issues.
( setting buffer size to 512 seems to help a bit though.

I wonder if buying something like this could help ?
The one I am using is rather old, and if has no surge protection. ... ker-620459
Gps wrote:
Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:20 am
Still having export issues.
I wonder if buying something like this could help ?
..doubt it, but i am no expert ..I guess if your local supplier deliver an inconsistent voltage.. But afaik, that would make your pc unstable
an engineer is needed and measurements too

If i should dissect this with my methods, i would look upon the the things that are different in this track, compared with the others that export just fine. First and foremost, the vocal
Try this
Make a version where all vocals are physically removed -Eg delete the actual tracks
Try and export that
Does the artefact persist?

Do you use any effects or VST that you normally/ previously has not used?
-Eg anything that is introduced for this track only, i would remove stepwise.
Thank you and will do. Also don't think its in those cables after some more thinking.

I would have constant crackling ( and an unstable pc as you said) if that was the problem, and only have an issue exporting this track.

Also tried changing the setting from sdl to alsa. That changed as expected nothing.
(on most linux distro's ALSA is used anyway, also with LMMS set to sdl, that why I was not expecting it would change anything)

Tried to delete all plugins ( reverb, compressor, eq 's, bass booster, not the problem,

You mention VST. I should try to delete the bassline and or use something instead of the current vst for the bassline, (after saving under a different name )
The bass line is played by a base guitar vst, I never used before.........

I will be very disappointed if that vst is causing it, but unless I have an hardware issue , its now on top of the list of suspects.

Om Bass 2

Will be very happy too, if it means I found the problem :P
Did a dirty test, with other programs open too.

Deleted one track, and replaced on the other the bass guitar vst for synth 1.
I was using that vst twice, maybe it does not like that ?

I am almost afraid to cheer to soon, but this seems to solve the export problem. :D
The only crackling I hear now is from the from vinyl recorded samples :)

Something I have noticed, when lmms stutters because of other program open, then all instruments stay in sinc but not this vst. This could be another indication this one does not play nice with LMMS.

At least not on Linux, maybe windows users have more luck with this one.

Might do some testing with a fresh inserted instance of the vst, but might also delete it :P
Luck of 1. class to hit the colpit in fist swing of the bat :p
My candidate would be the vocals, but if you solved it, you solved it !
I will have to look at that OmBass..
Could be interesting, I have no problem, when I listen in LMMS, only with exporting with this vst.


Forgot to mention something, this vst seems to play actual recorded base guitar notes.
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