Looking for feedback on a WIP dubstep drop (.mmpz included)

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Audio: https://soundcloud.com/skyeye-mccix/dubstep-drop-wip
.mmpz file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Phuw_d ... sp=sharing

I tried making a dubstep drop using default LMMS plugins (I haven't yet touched any VSTs at all), and though I kinda personally somewhat like how its turned out, I feel like it just doesn't sound right.

I really want some feedback on it! Feel free to keep the .mmpz file and modify it as you like
Dubstep is not easy at all.
The amount of effort to create awesome and nice sounding effects is not as easy as it seems.
I must tell you I'm not a dubstep fan, despite I like a few dubstep tracks. But from the creative side, I always enjoyed how some people could pull those effects in a song while keeping the same bpm.

As you've said, from the sound your track still needs you to create some glue between the sounds, to make them sound better together and fatter. For this, you might try to use some reverb and EQ.

I'm telling you this but I'm also developing my skills to achieve exactly that. :D
Good luck improving your talent.
Wow! Not bad at all. You're very close, to something cool with this track.
Those gritty dubsteps sounds and wobbles, need some good ol' Eq dude. 8-)