-What is wrong with LMMS ?

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First time, I used LMMS on a netbook with linux. I had my works saved on the storage of a mobile phone card. I was working on my project in LMMS, when all my files were renamed to a name with lots of symbols $$$ . I checked my files and they were all gone, except the folders.
I had lots of trouble with computers in the past and I know how to avoid viruses,hackers. So is not about that.
After years, I used LMMS on a computer with windows, I saved lots of wav files and personalised instruments. My files were again GONE from my computer.
Recently, I used a new computer to save some wav files, and when I wanted to work with them later, they disappeared.
Why are my files disappearing ? Is that a LMMs issue ?

Before LMMs, I used other free softwares which are not as good as LMMs. After finding LMMs, I wasn't working on them anymore.
I keep my computer clean, cleaning up the disk, sometimes using CCleaner and I tried different antiviruses. I had windows xp or 7 and last time it was windows 10.
Now I am having windows 7, a new computer (again). Is it caused by LMMs or what else ???
I am also using comodo dragon and google chrome, having some social media accounts, like facebook, tumblr... I am often having trouble with my passwords. (Could that be about facebook?) . I am not saving anything on my computer.
zsk11 wrote:
Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:55 am
Why are my files disappearing ?
That i cant tell you.
Is that a LMMs issue ?
The thing about the phone-card, could be an error on the card, but if you loose projects and files from your HD, that is odd! I have worked with lmms for 12 y, and i have never lost a single file. I have done rather insane intrusive and brute 'stuff' to both the program and the files. Not a single saved project nor project associated file of any kind, has ever been lost. In that light, I would have to say, that lmms has nothing to do with your lost files.
I am often having trouble with my passwords. (Could that be about facebook?)
That is also strange.

But lets keep this to lmms related issues.
You are now on win7, but what ver. of lmms?
On win7 you would be able to use 1.1.3, (but i would still recommend you to upgrade to RC7)

Next thing i have to ask you is your settings in CCleaner. A lot of good tools can create probelms if they are configured in a bad way. Are you absolutely sure that you have default settings for clean-up? 'every time i hear about people using automatic disk maintaining, where they put their trust into some program, i do not like it!
CCleaner is great, but personally i only use it for analysis, and do all removals my self!
The same goes for vira-scanners. If you accidentally has told your virus-scanner to either 'jail' or worse delete a file with an extension used by lmms, that setting can be causing issues later.
So your Settings in vira-scan and cleaners/ maintaining proggies, would be the first place i would focus on.
Then there are obvious things like HW fails, so a total diskscan for sector errors should be done!

What are your file&folder settings? Do you hide or display extensions? (Do display!)
Have you done file-scans for the missing files?

Well back to our upgrade, here you should follow this:
*Back-up your own stuff
*Un-install current installation
*(re)move the config dot-file
https://lmms.io/wiki/index.php?title=LM ... h_Settings
*download a fresh new installation-pack either x32 or x64 of
LMMS 1.2.0 RC7 Orange buttons!
*re-install as administrator and grant all users access

Besides all this, since you are new in Forum
Welcome zsk11!
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Sorry if is confusing, I was nervous when I wrote, and I edited a lot.

That phone card is very old, I used it in many mobile phones and mp3 players, I never had that problem. I had lots of mp3 songs downloaded from the web. I also used my mobile to transfer files from the computer to the netbook. That happened in 2015.

Few years later, I used LMMs on a computer with windows (I am not sure if it was win 7 or win xp, I had both). That happened in 2016 to 2017. I haven't made changes in my computer when that happened. I had the files saved in C:\Users\zsk\Documents\lmms\projects The wav files were in a new folder. I didn't uninstall LMMS when I noticed the lmms folder was gone. I am always showing hidden files. That happened in summer 2017.

When I used ccleaner and antiviruses, they didn't show me problems about that folder. Antiviruses are showing me errors about opening other files. I just tell it to scan, and is never finding viruses.

I am always downloading the latest version from the website. https://lmms.io/download
About 2 months ago, I downloaded LMMs on another computer with just installed win 10, I saved something, and later I wanted to transfer them to my mobile card, they were gone. That one has another HDD. (My HDD is connected through sata, and that computer with win 10 doesn't detect my HDD, its HDD is not sata). I didn't check if they were there before connecting my mobile phone.

Right now, I have the same HDD from my old computer in a new computer. When I connected it, every thing was gone from my hard disk. I had to install windows again, I installed win 7. I never had this problem with other files.
And I never tick "passwords" when I start Ccleaner. The problem is that I always have to change my password, the new one never works, I was very careful at every key, the browser asked me to update it when I changed it so I did. Sometimes, my stuff change about my accounts.................................................................................................

Many more years ago, I was saving lots of pictures from the web, and my father said "that broke the computer" So he didn't let me save anything in. So I used my mobile for music. My father isn't using my computer. I always set the browser to block everything except sound, cookie. I clean cookie, cache everyday.
The only websites I go on, is google, facebook, tumblr.. ...I have some accounts, I am rarely using them, sometimes I check them every day and then I forgot about them for months....so I can't access them anymore.

I also tick the "compress contents to save disk space" on every thing except windows, microsoft folders.

There were some forums, people teaching how they have fun stealing, breaking computers of others........... but this doesn't happen to me........ I didn't save their keyloggers.
This is a strange problem and I'm sorry to hear, that you go through this with your computers. :P

What you have described, kinda sounds like a virus, corrupt files or hard drive.
It could be other things too.

Musikbear is right about alot of the things, he mentioned in his above post.
CC cleaner is really good, but like clean master on android,
it works a little too good sometimes. ;)

One good thing to do, is not to have cc cleaner running automatically, all of the time.
It is also possible, that cc cleaner and the antivirus software, could be having
internal conflicts with each other. But then again, I have no clue what could be causing,
those strange computer problems.

PS: This might sound strange, but, ask your family etc, when is the last time
they used your pc. :geek:

And a big welcome to the lmms forums zsk11.
zsk11 wrote:
Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:17 am
Sorry if is confusing, I was nervous when I wrote, and I edited a lot.
OK, i thought of one more thing: How about accounts ?
How many different accounts have you made?
Shut down the pc with the odd behavior and restart it as administrator with the administrator password, then search the computer again
That could explain why you cant see the LMMS installation.
If your LMMS installation simply vanish, there is something weird going on. Maby 'one of the users' like to roll back to a previous installation-point... ?

Bottom-line: There is nothing wrong with LMMS. You are the only person, -ever to have this problem, so we have to say : Not a LMMS issue.
I never thought of installing an anti-spyware thing, I was sure I was not having these type of problems.
I installed one 2 days ago. It found lots of files problem everywhere, about 200 of them. Yesterday I uninstalled it, because of my obsession to keep my computer "empty" . Today I installed it again to see if is finding something new. So there is... Google chrome/user data/ .... it seems like they are all cookies, weird named cookies. Maybe is because of all those adds.
Sometimes I forget to clean my browser when my computer isn't going slow.

About my accounts: Of course I made some old accounts, personal accounts.. (lots of them I not using anymore, and lots were stolen). Later I made new accounts to keep my musical related stuff on parallel accounts . Is always happening when I "forget" about them.. while I am not cleaning my browser/computer for long time, after cleaning.. I could not log into my account because my password was changed. This happens on social media (facebook, tumblr).

It happened lots of weird things to my computer and mobile, but this isn't the place to talk about that...

Edit: If you mean "how many accounts per website I am having" the answer could be "2, 1 or none" .
You must have a virus-protection if you are online!
Spyware is one thing, actual virus another. You do not have to pay for virus-protection, several ok ones exists. F.i. AVG-free
zsk11 wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:03 am
Edit: If you mean "how many accounts per website I am having" the answer could be "2, 1 or none" .
No, i was thinking about user-accounts on your PC. If you create an account with limited rights, some files could be restricted. Make sure you scan your pc as Administrator
That is the full-rights account for your entire system.
Always use Administrator, when you have weird events on your system!
I already know about the administrator thing, I am always running windows on administrator user. No other users.
I had the old windows xp for years, and seems like lots of softwares and websites don't work anymore on XP. Even the original websites to download drivers. It said "no network connection", so I had to download them from other websites. I was obviously not installing additional stuff, but they still brought other stuff to my computer with the driver... I already heard some similar music to my projects after mine disappeared... I was wondering "how do they do that" . LMMS was the only thing I could think about.
zsk11 wrote:
Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:20 am
they still brought other stuff to my computer with the driver...
Thats really rotten! I am sorry for your lost projects, but i can only advise you to get good protection:
* A firewall
* A virus-protection
* Add-ware protection.

I have had no infections ever, and i only ever used free protection
Best luck!
What you could do is get a 8 or 16 gig byte usb stick and or burn youre music projects to a dvd ( cd blue ray )

Use it as backup.