Music Production on Linux: how is it?

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matteonovelli wrote:
Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:56 pm
Ok, I see. But, what's the benefit of using the appimage instead of the normal lmms? :?
I have been using for many years the LMMS provided by openSUSE.
This is in general the best way to get programs, we on Linux don't download programs from webpages.

However, although this is more secure, it has some disadvantages too.
Lmms from the official repositories is often not the latest version.

Many post on this forum proofed allot of LMMS Linux users having issues vestige not working.
I found out this has allot to do with the people building the packages, hardly knowing lmms.

It was me who had to tell the opensuse people there was a problem with LMMS.
They did not know because nobody had told them, it was that simple.

There is allot of choice on Linux. ( too much if you ask me, for normal desktop users )

There is Debian and Ubuntu who provides packages ( programs ) in deb format.
OpenSUSE Arch and Fedora how ever use rpm to install programs.

All this is solved by the appimage we now can download. :)

The Appimage is not a special lmms version. the way it install lmms on our computers though is rather new, for the Linux world.
On linux its a tradition, we don't download programs from the net, you get the programs from you're distro builders.
They prepare a package so that we can easily install a program.

This is more secure, we all know of the windows problem, were you download a program and they try to get you to install more. ( this is why you must be careful were you get a program from )

So get LMMS from the LMMS site, not some were else.
Flash only from the adobe site, and not from a site claiming you're flash is out of date, click here. :P
matteonovelli wrote:
Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:01 pm
I've installed the AppImage and I've run some free windows VSTs, it works wonderfully! :D
I just hope that bigger VSTs won't give me problems

Thank you all guys :!:
Gps wrote:
Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:23 pm
Many post on this forum proofed allot of LMMS Linux users having issues vestige not working.
I also had issues with vestige when I tried the version from the Ubuntu repositories, but with the AppImage they work perfectly :D

Thank you all for the support guys :)