Make automatization of a external vst (Like Sylenth)

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How i can do for make an automatization of a parameter of a vst?
For example i need to automatizate the filter cut of sylenth for make a pad (Or chord progression like in progressive house), and i dont have idea of how do that.
LenninP wrote:
Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:13 am
make an automatization of a parameter of a vst?
That is done with the LMMS-vst-dial-array
All supported VSTs can have all paramters connected to automation through that!
You can read how to do that here:
Scroll down to the sentence:
You can also automate the dials and sliders in your VSTs.
Here is a picture that shows the wrench-button on the VST-instrument:
The Wrench is right below the folder-icon in the middle-part

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