How do I create a bassline that sounds like this?

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I have this bassline from a cartoon intro that I'd like to recreate. ... e.wav?dl=0

Any idea on how to approach this? I figured out the slide but I don't know how to do the plucking effect.
Zipdox wrote:
Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:46 pm
don't know how to do the plucking effect.
zynAddSubFX -zasfx has a feature for 'popping' with the attack, it is on the advanced-UI and is called Punch
You find this on the Voice-paramter-UI

If you use the settings in the picture of the punch-group, with native Bass 4, you get close to the wanted effect

zasfx may not be easy to get around, but here: ... a4NWWj70pD you can get acquainted with zasfx

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