Slice-Distributing Sampler for LMMS

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We have had discussions around 'samplers' several times.
In summery, i have argues that a Sampler should
  • Distribute all made slices automatically over the available keys
  • Have an option for setting pitch
  • Let the user set slice-sizes
Well .. not Meatloaf level, cause Slitch will only give you 1 out of 3..
But its still a leap forward!
Slitch will let us do "1"!
It is not the most intuitive UI i have seen, but in essence what Slitch will do, is to take your loaded sample, cut it up, and distribute all slices over the keys!
So the plugin has some substance. Afaik it is the only plugin that will spread or distribute segment-cuts over the whole keyboard -Eg each key will play a different segment of the wave-file.
Eg, 'Sampler-like' function, but restricted to one soundfile
Afaik, that is a first for a plugin that can be used with LMMS
But there are weeds in the seed package too..
Worst drawback:
You cant 'see' where Slitch maskes it cuts, and you cant influence the cut-positions! All 'cuts' has same size!
There is no option for making precise cuts at 0dB (though that is actually handled rather good) but not being able to setup the cut-positions, and to have variable positions are big drawbacks
But if you aspire as a hip-hop producer, Slitch may be a tool you have been looking for.
Demo :
Slitch is free. I am not affiliated.

-Is a vid tut needed?
Get Tx16wx for all sampling needs, it works in last LMMS version.
herodotas wrote:
Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:52 pm
Get Tx16wx for all sampling needs, it works in last LMMS version.
Have you done 5-point-test ... t_VST_test

Afair there was a problem with some slider
It would be great if you try out the 5-point and report back! Also Windows, Linux or both?

Besides that, Welcomei n Forum herodotas !
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