Summer hit style, but kick is not rendering good. Advices?

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Do you have advice to make the kick listenable

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I give you a link to help you
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I tried to make a summer hit

I figured out the low frequency (kick and 808) are not rendering as good as from my computer with a headset. From my smartphone, I can barely understand the kick. The sound is fucked off.

Do you have some advices ?
Araca wrote:
Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:01 am
I can barely understand the kick. The sound is fucked off.

Do you have some advices ?
That's because your phone does not have the same dynamic range as your headphone hence bass sounds usually don't sound good on mobile phone speakers. To make your kick more audible try boosting some mids and highs that will make their presence more felt on your phones speakers but you risk making your kick too punchy on good quality speakers.
Hi, Araca

Great work with the song; I like Dance songs so I'll advise from Dancing perspective. I personally think the mastering is good that you did with this song, but I think you made the song at high volume on your PC which probably guided you to decrease the volume of instruments and presets, on my headphone the song has a decreased volume compare to other songs.

some thoughts:
+ I make my songs while my PC volume is around 60%. I found that when I make songs when my PC volume is around 90% I tend to decrease volumes of the instruments and VSTs because it's loud.
+ For the volume of your kick, I think imitate the kick on your reggae time track's kick
Hi Rolivhuwa. Thanks a lot for your advice, I will try this for the next song. This is more than helpful.