Crypto Currency post - BiFost Airdrop

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I have seen people advertising crypto here before their account or posts get deleted... many crypto scams in the wild too. If you believe Incorruptable's post, beware what lurks in the darkness...

Before this, the original account owner has posted LMMS related stuff last year's November.

Could we disarm the links?

If the account owner did not really post this... this is why you should set your settings to always end/expire sessions (useful if someone had controlled the original owners device and passwords arent saved) or shouldnt use the same passwords all over sites. If they really mean it, unfortunately too...

PSA/public service announcement and tldr/too long didnt read: the account might be hacked to post stuff that could be/may be cryptocurrency scam. Confirmation still waiting.
Ahh, we dont want bitconeeeeeeeeeeeeect bonzi scheme all over again
vortexsupernova wrote:
Wed Feb 10, 2021 6:36 pm
Confirmation still waiting.
Unfortunately with some stuff we never figure the full answer out. It looks like the user's login credentials were leaked by a database breach on another service (not ours). This just confirms that you should never reuse passwords across sites.
Incorruptable was a regular here on this forum.
Out of curiousity, did anyone contact him, to find out if he posted recently?