Difference in levels live vs. rendered with VOXENGO SPAN

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Hey all,

I always put a SPAN VST on the master channel, and use it to monitor levels while mixing.

Recently, I've noticed there seem to be a diff. between the levels I see from SPAN when just monitoring a song live vs. rendering.

For instance, when just playing a song live, I try to keep the levels from peaking higher than around -3db with as low an RMS as possible.

But I noticed that for some reason, when I render, the levels in SPAN show MUCH lower peak & RMS values (usually a difference of >3db peaking, and >8 RMS, so much quieter sounding songs 😩).

Wondering if anybody else has noticed this, and if so, do you know a way to keep the levels consistent between live vs. render? Or maybe what it is I could be doing wrong with my mixes that might account for that difference in final volume?
cloud4xL wrote:
Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:45 pm
do you know a way to keep levels consistent between live vs. render?
Do you mean that if you render to file (wave), and then insert that rendered file into lmms and monitor the output with span, you have different values in span?
If you are looking at the display while rendering, it's perfectly normal. VST plugins' gui are known to behave weird when running in non-realtime mode. If the saved audio file is ok then there's nothing to worry about.