1st 2022 Phonk-Style Beat: Brandish Deez...

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Happy 2022, Team LMMS!

I'm back to kick off 2022 with a new beat. For my first attempt at the 'phonk' style mixed with the usual riffs, it is called: "Brandish Deez". Give it a listen and let me know what you think. (Constructive) Criticism welcomed...

SoundCloud: Brandish Deez
YouTube: Brandish Deez
That is quite a cool beat you made there for 2022. And Happy New Year to you too. :D
Thanks, @BrandyStarBrite!

Expect more of these genre-mixing and mashing beats this year. I'm beginning to think that doing lo-fi, trap, EDM, R&B, and now 'phonk' beats are time-efficient and easier to create--with a little rock and metal touch, of course...

PSST: Forgive me again for the late posts--I've been recovering from COVID over the holiday break. Sorry about that.
You got covid? Gasp! Sorry to hear that dude. I hope you recover and get well soon.