Regarding Email Domains

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Hello everyone,

As y'all should know by now, I'm part of the staff that helps moderate the forums here, and I'm specifically the one who is in charge of dealing with spam attacks. One of the biggest trends I'm finding as I fight these attacks is the usage of temporary or disposable emails domains.

As such, effective one week from now, over 480+ temporary/disposable email domains will be mass banned from the servers. If you have registered an account here using any of those domains and would like to keep from being banned, please contact me on the LMMS Discord server, and should your account be in good standing here (no prior warnings for spam specifically) I will place the necessary precautions to prevent your specific account(s) from being banned.

Following the mass ban, more domains will likely be added to the ban list, and I will make another post with instructions related to recovering banned accounts.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Jacoby Davis
Did you fixed it?