Another Dimension

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I love this song mate! It makes me think of how the songs were made maybe until 2010 or around those years, even earlier.

Thank you for a beautiful experience! Cheers!
No too much to say - which is a big compliment coming from me, I have a habit of giving way more critique than mentioning the good things.

Maybe it could be expanded with some more elements to give some larger musical journey through its concepts? Or maybe you just wanted it to be simple. I was very much reminded of a certain EDM aesthetic I've come to like - I don't know if that is what Mastartiq meant with music before the 2010's. Stuff like DJ Taucher's "Infinity", especially Phase 2: ... fh&index=2 It starts of in a very similar way to your track but then goes to some different places as well, while still remaining simple. Of course the EDM vibes are a little stronger here than in your piece and maybe you just wanted it to be short and sweet.

What was that again about forgetting to talk about what I really liked? Yeah did it again. So: This is really good on a technical level. Everything sounds great, the synths are awesome and the production over all is really, really solid. I'm not an audio engineer of course, but I've heard nothing to complain about here. So clean! I especially like that synth guitar - it has some real character and expressiveness.
It's perfect in this genre. The video could be faster sometimes, but it's not music anyway
Thank you guys !
That is a short cool synthy tune.
And nice spacey sci fi themed vid too.