Some 3 Feature that I want to be added on LMMS

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First Feature: Search feature on vst plugins automation
Some vst plugins like vital had a lot of complicated knobs and its Kinda hard to find what knob your going to automation.
So how about add search feature on the window or sort by from etc. page
Here's some examples:
Example 1.png
Example 1
Example 1.png (75.78 KiB) Viewed 149 times
Second Feature: Better sort by feature on finding effect plugins
Uh. its hard to explain but here's some examples :/ :
Example 2.png
Example 2
Example 2.png (52.91 KiB) Viewed 149 times
Last Feature: Can able to change sample track name
Yea. why not? I have a lot of audio that have random names like an audio sample looks like an snare sample but its name is just totally random but I can't change its name so why about you can able to change it (It also keep its sample name if you export the project as bundle) I already know that you change its sample name ONLY on outside on the daw...
Example 3.png
Example 3
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Soo yeah. sorry for bad grammar I used an translator :c
Xhomie3 wrote:
Wed Jun 22, 2022 6:49 am
3 Feature that I want to be added on LMMS
First two are already inside our issue-tracker
Third one is implemented already:
LMMS FX-gadget has token-search field, it is just a little difficult to realize that its there :p

You can write anything you remember about the plugin you are looking for
Lets say you are looking for limiters
LMMS-token-search will display all limiters even though you only write: mite
Thats how powerful LMMS-token-search is!
There is even a second sorting build in!
After you have done a LMMS-token-search, click the button marked Type
LMMS will sort the token-search-results in LMMS-build, LADSPA, and VST and display the sorted list.
Try that, and let us know, if that can be improved