Hello, I have a question about compressors. Every new instrument I add either decreases or increases the amperage of other instruments. I'm noticing too that a kick drum (when solo) is quieter than when it's played with other instruments. There it has a different pitch with more dryness and fullness.

I just don't get why though? Is the kick drum maybe taking sounds from other things? Very weird.

I'm using the TDR Nova compressor on the master channel and the volume lately has started to dramatically cut in and out in a few loud parts of the song.

I added many instruments to my song but without a compressor everything is crazy loud.

This is especially a pain after having the sound balanced perfectly, hence why compression should probably be used at the very end.

As per my question, what do you think would be the best way to fix this problem?

I might try soloing and adjusting the volume of each instrument. Still, with over 100 tracks it will take some time. In the future I'll have to be careful not to not use too much volume and stacking.

I wish they had a compressor that automatically sets volume to everything individually. Compression seems like a lot of work but it sure is interesting.

Thank you and sorry for the ramble.. :-/