I know, It's been 2 years since LMMS was last updated. To the developers, I thank you very-very much for providing us such a free gem that we can use to express our thoughts and feelings through composing organized sounds, known as music in this lightweight yet powerful DAW.

Whenever I look at other open-sourced projects for example; Godot, I sometimes envy that LMMS didn't get the same recognition and funding the same as Godot. I didn't mean to bash or criticize that blue waifu robot here, I also use it sometimes to make a simple Flappy Bird clone game whenever I got time to spare! XD

Now if we were talking about providing lots of donations and volunteers for LMMS at the very first place, imagine all the other features we can use to make even better music than we are capable of today. Right now I don't have much money but even though after I became rich, the idea of moving to another DAW is just another hassle that I don't even want to bother. My workflow gladly settles here in LMMS for 3 years. Feels just like home to me!

If someday 1.3 comes out with newer sounds, plugins, presets, features and other stuff (probably easter eggs ;) ), I'd be excited to go back wondering the joys of learning newer stuff that will be useful for our musical journey ahead like a child using their parents' computer for the first time. To the devs, pleeeease take your time and don't pressure yourselves to your maximum sanity, no matter how long it takes to finish your project, I'd be very happy to have it because coding in C++ is just so exhausting and there are other jobs for you to do in the outside world too.

Promoting LMMS to other 7 people in real life is already a small gesture I can provide now. Thank you for your time reading this... I dunno, an open-source essay? Tee hee... See you guys later after I upload a Lagtrain remake of mine! Progress is still about 48%.