When will (LMMS) support Linux plug-ins

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Such as this
erroreutopia wrote:
Fri May 26, 2023 5:43 am

Such as this
Shǒuxiān, huānyíng lái dào lùntán!
Lùntán dōu shì yīngwén de, suǒyǐ wǒ huì yòng yīngwén huídá nǐ de wèntí, wǒ huì jiànyì nǐ shǐyòng gǔgē fānyì, jì kěyǐ fānyì wǒmen duì nǐ wèntí de huífù, yě kěyǐ zài zhèlǐ fābù xīn wèntí :)

LMMS supports VST2 for windows, and Linux can use VST2 through WINE.
You need to install WINE on your Linux, and then you will be able to use most VST2
you can only use 32 bits VSTs!
There is no support for 64 bits VST!

You need to install WINE before you install LMMS' AppImage for Linux
The best way to install WINE is through the package manager.
After you have done that, you install the newest AppImage from LMMS Linux download-site, and only from that site!
the first time you start LMMS through the Appimage file, Wine may ask you to install some upgrade! Accept all WINE upgrades!
After installation, you go into Edit| Settings| Misc -Here Disable
Sync VST plugins to host playback. This works best for Linux.
LV2 support is being worked on.

Another option is Carla. I had Amsynth working in LMMS with Carla, sadly no automation yet though.

On openSUSE with LMMS 1.3 alpha I already have some LV2 plugins working though.

Well the good news is the last 2 nightly versions of LMMS support LV2 plugins now. In fact I just installed the latest nightly LMMS build on Ubuntu Mint dual-booted, & it can detect all the LV2 plugins that I've installed so far.