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Hello I am french, 52 years old, 3 children, I use librazik4 ( debian os with music tools). I want to learn about LMMS in order to help young people at my work to do do some music. I have 2 jobs : social officier and guitar teacher.
Also I am a composer of song, music for dance, cinema etc

. I use to record with ardour, hydrogen and musescore.

See you soon !

Hello to all, I am new here. I came here to gather information and meet new people :)
Hi, was told to come here to introduce myself. I'm HangmanGrime, I make music of many different genres but mainly hiphop, LMMS is my main DAW and I have been using it since I was 14 (am 21 currently). I still am nowhere near professional level at music production or using the program since I am self-taught. I have lurked on here whenever I have had issues, and have finally created an account myself. Look forward to talking to people on here :)
Hi all !

My name is Thomas, I'm from France and I used LMMS since maybe 6 or 7 years now,
I really enjoy using this software!
I do guitar and I learn piano. I love all kind of music except the reggae ahah and I try to compose all kind of music too.
I'm here to improve my skills a lot because I do songs since a long time and my mixing and mastering skills are really approaching the void...

I'm sure I'll find a lot of help here and maybe help too :)

Thank you !
Hi, I'm Vintagedelay!

I've used LMMS from like 2015 and released songs in Youtube and formerly in Souncloud too. I want to really expand my skills with the DAW and that's my main motivation for joining the forum.
Hi! I am CrispyCroissant. I am new to LMMS.
Hello, my name is music-composer-pro
I like to make music especially electronic music like c64 amiga....
It is very interesting to read about people who have also registered on the forum. I'm Jade and I love music. Which one? It depends on my mood, but what I can say for sure is that I love when an author has something to say about life and about this payment method. It is very noticeable when a track is written to become a hit, and when a track is written from the heart and became a hit because it is super cool
Nice to meet you all!
Wow c64 amiga.... sounds amazing!
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