What would be a good way to promote your SoundCloud?

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I think this will be the easy way.
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Samantha France wrote:
Wed Dec 01, 2021 4:02 pm
8 Tips for promoting music on SoundCloud
Sync up your social media. ...
Check out your demographics. ...
Collaborate. ...
Remix fellow artists. ...
Interact with others. ...
Fix your SoundCloud settings. ...
Fix your SoundCloud and Google SEO. ...
Go Pro.
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Thanks for the idea.
If you have a handful of epic sounding tunes, like for example 5 of them, put one or two of them on youtube, and close to the end of the vid, put your soundcloud channel. Fancy graphics and video editing software might help here.
Social media is definitely the best channel to promote your SoundCloud. Specifically, Instagram would fit the best for such campaigns. A lot of artists I know have seen significant traffic coming from there. Create engaging visuals, short clips, or behind-the-scenes stories to entice your audience.

For Instagram ad campaigns, you can use the adspy tool. It allows you to see what campaigns your competitors or other popular pages are running. In this way, you just can copy their strategies and drive traffic with no headaches.