How to recreate sound found in Move Me from RR Type 4 OST?

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Hi, as someone who's new to daws, I'm still figuring out how to create certain sounds, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to recreate the sound from the remastered version of Move Me from the Ridge Racer Type 4 soundtrack, found in 0:18, 3:11, 4:19, etc. - I will be grateful for any tips.
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Patryk wrote:
Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:55 pm
found in 0:18, 3:11, 4:19,
There are 3 different sounds -right?
0:18 is a square with a low-pass filter, a soft flute. You can make that with just one Oscillator on 3oc with a square-filter almost shut. ZASFX would also be a good choice.
3:11 is a percussion effect. Sounds a bit like a 'rubberband' on a snare It will be a bit challenging to make..
4:19 is pitch modulated noise profile, propl with some FM modulation - also hard to remake

Besides the square flute you have to ask yourself if you need to remake those effects, or in fact make some of your own!
Perfect duplication of effects are next to impossible, and quite futile, because you really do not know how the effect that you painstaking have made will sound on other peeps systems

Some general hints on making instruments:
Thank you much for this!