First Steps into LMMS, my first Project

Share and discuss your LMMS music projects here, and see what people think!
Hello All !
Let me introduce briefly myself.

I am Lukas from Germany and 30 years old and a big Avicii Fan. I play Piano and learned it by myself and i am highly inspirated by Avicii's music and in my opinion he was such a great composer.

At the bottom i have entered my Soundcloud link, let me know what you think about the melody and son on ... al_sharing

Thanks in advance and i wish you a nice evening.

Best Regards
Here attached you can find my Soundcloud Profile ... al_sharing
Overall I liked it. keep growing!
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Dear Guys,

I have worked on my first LMMS project and i have uploaded it on Soundcloud.

Let me know what you think and of course you are very welcome to contact me if you are interested to collab with me !

Best Regards and have a nice day

thx for u
I Like Thise Forum.
Hey Guys,

i have worked a bit on my first LMMS Project

The arrangement needs to be adjusted a bit and then the last drop needs to be finished

Let me know what you think ... al_sharing

Best Regards