Any good tip for me as a beginner?

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I downloaded the software and i don't know what I'm doing is probably because I'm inexperienced with music making in that field but is there any good tip for any beginners like me?
athanwago wrote:
Mon Jul 03, 2023 2:44 pm
I downloaded the software
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I'm inexperienced with music making
any good tip for any beginners like me?
You really only need 2 things to get a positive experience working with LMMS:
1) Learn the software
Here you have several options!
* You can read the gitBook:
* You can watch videos on youTube or similar platforms
I have made a video i call Rookie-guide, it shows what a new user needs to know
Link in signature

2) The very basics in music-theory
* Understand what a key is
* Understand what a scale is
It is actually very simple, and i have also made videos for that
4 Videos in this playlist should teach you the most basic stuff

Beside that you are always welcome to ask us any question, if its about how to make a special sound you like to use, it is always best to link to an example with a time-stamp :)
Hello, and welcome! When I just started I was pretty lost too. However, I just looked on tutorials and slowly, I started to understand almost everything.
My advice is to start with the basics and gradually expand your knowledge and skills. Invest time in learning fundamental concepts, such as music theory and sound engineering principles. Experimentation is key; don't be afraid to explore different techniques and tools to discover your unique style. Additionally, seek guidance from experienced professionals or resources to accelerate your learning process. Remember, consistency and dedication are essential for growth in this field. Embrace the learning curve and enjoy the creative process. Beginners often find useful tips and tricks in music production apps.
And the good news is, you do not have to remember the scales.
You do need to know what a scale is though, and how LMMS can help you with scales.

You do need to understand some basic music theory, but watching the vids from musikbear probably gets you there all-ready or at-least at 90%.
I learned a lot from musikbear, but also watched many vids about music theory, synthesizers and so on.

Then that first time, you open ZynAddSubFx.

I remember thinking wtf are all those knobs.
Later I started to notice that most synthesizers basically all have the same knobs.

ZynAddSubFx is not easy to learn, but probably one of the best software synthesizers around. ;)