In case you are a Dire Strait fan..

Find a song that you like or that inspires you? Post it here.
..and are missing the epic sound, then meet this guy : Laszlo Buring
He takes hit from the last 20 y and rewrite/ reinterpretate them as if played by DireStrait, And he does it very well!
He manage to make a whole new angle on old songs, because he does not copy them, he reinvent them!


That part is : O
(Not affiliated or even knowing him)
Wow , I am impressed.
Hi there!
Also check this genius guy that makes various insane song covers !
very next level ideas! I guess his best impersonation is Motorhead . Lemmy! ... DenisPauna ... DenisPauna ... DenisPauna ... DenisPauna
great melody
Hello Neighbor