This kick layers together 2-3 other kicks to make a very large, powerful, and punchy kick!

== Kick #1 ==
Take drums/kick01.ogg, do literally nothing to it.

== Kick #2 ==
Take drumsynth/misc/hitthosesubs.ds, change the volume to 50%. Move the base note (the green square above the keyboard inside the plugin) down to either E4 or Eb4, whichever sounds better to you.

== Kick #3 (OPTIONAL) ==
Take drums/bassdrom04.ogg, turn the volume down to 50%.

You're already done! Play all of them at the same time and you get a beautiful kick sound. If you want to adjust the volume, I suggest putting them all into the same FX bus and adjusting the volume there. It makes the kick even punchier if you place a compressor into the FX bus (I use the sidechain compressor, I usually turn the ratio and makeup gain up to about 3), and putting your sub in there helps your kick and sub work together more.

Tell me what you think! :D