Team Rocket Theme Remix

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"We're Blasting off AGAAAAIN!!!" This time with a new remix! Enjoy!

I loved HG/SS, by the way!

Listen to it here!: ... heme-remix
Wooo! A pokemon remix! I loved hg/ss as well, did you use the hg/ss soundfont to remix it?

I liked how you incorporated the white noise in there and the intro percussions. Pretty nice.

If you're planning on making more pokemon remixes, please do share them on the forums, I would like to hear more!

I'm just really excited since I'm currently working on a remix for the Sinnoh gym leader theme, but good job! :D
It works well!

Out of curiosity, have you ever tried composing your own tracks? I would like to listen to something.
Team Rockets Theme sounds really nice. :D

Okay: I noticed, that some parts in the track, sound a tiny bit faint.
I'll point out two parts, where I hear it.
eg. 15 to 18 secs and 21 to 23 secs etc.
A tiny volume raise, for those parts. :)

But overall, it's soundin' good. :)
Yeah, I seem to have audio balancing issues sometimes. It's my headphones that I use, though. They're not meant for making music as much as they're mean't for gaming. Sounds like the problem you're talking about is just a simple fix with automation, though.

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