New tracks Sahara Sunrise and Other Side of Reality

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I just posted 2 new tracks :

- Other side of Reality that i just made this week, i tried to integrate Gps's advice by making more structure, more sounds and I think it goes well, can you tell me what feelings tou get ? ... of-reality

- Sahara Sunrise is a track i made a few months ago, one of the first tracks i made with LMMS. I'd be so happy to travel through this virtual desert with you... ... ra-sunrise

See you soon !
Axl Sang

Other side of Reality:

Very nice melody at 1:36. I don't mean that the other are bad, but I find this one particulary well done.
Lot of variations indeed, but you use "blocks" ( a sound/melody during x bars, another one during another bunch of bars, and so on..) Why not try to mix sounds and melodies, some kind of reminders of a melody from a block into another block, just a few notes, or maybe a whole bar, at lower level, like some distant echo, or at higher level, like an orchestral hit or an exclamation point. Just my 2 cents...
Both of these tracks sound like egyptian songs. :)

Other side of Reality - I like the Tropical egyptian style of this.
Listening to it, it's a well made track. I guess Gps' advice did help you alot.
I rate this tune 94 out of 100.

Sahara Sunrise - This one is nice too. And I can hear the techno beat in it.
The shaker sound, needs a tiny volume reduction, so it'll blend in better
with the other instruments and sounds, in the track.

I like the parts from 2:56 secs to 3:11 secs. And 5:20 to 6:07 secs.
Those parts sound really cool!

You can't imagine how I find what you write interesting.
So i will try to answer you with many details.

The track is made in 4 parts:
- from 00:00 to 01:34 : DAY (NORMAL MODE)
- from 01:34 to 02:37 : NIGHT(TRANCE MODE)
- from 02:37 to 03:24 : DAY (NORMAL MODE)
- from 03:24 to 06:05 : NIGHT(TRANCE MODE)

In this track, we switch from one "mode" to other.

The message of this track is that when you are in a trance, what you feel is not something virtual, but you reach a new state of mind that is other way to percieve something 100% real. That's why the track is named "Other side of reality.

About transition at 01:34 : The switch il made without transition : the aim is to create a kind of surprise effect. If your brain gets surprised, it can feel like lost in a wrong way. In this case, he stops reflecting and allow you to get stronger feelings.
The second time (at 03:24) the transition is more progressive.

I dont know if that track goes as well but that's what I try to do.

Axl Sang

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