vsti plugin couds not be loaded

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I'am using LMMS 32 Bit version 1.1.3 on a 64 bit (i5) system
O.S. is W10
I think since there was aW10 update i can't use vsti's anymore?
Every time i tried to load a vsti in Vestige i get this message:

The VST-plugin C:/Program Files (x86)/LMMS/vsti_s/*.dll could not be loaded for some reason.
If it runs with other VST-software under Linux, please contact an LMMS-developer!

(I translated this from dutch)

Th program doesn't crash
Its.. unbelievebale and frustrating does anybody know the solution?

Many thanks in advance.
There seem to a few problems, with Win10 and Lmms 1.1.3
not working nicely with each other. If you want, try zonkmachine's tip.
And check out musikbears advice too. :)

It's also possible, that the vst plugins you're trying to use, don't work too good with lmms.
We have a vst wiki list, of vst's that work well in lmms.
Feel free to check it out.

Also, can you give us the names of the vst plugins, that you were trying to use?

PS: And welcome to the forums keorbie. :D
keorbie wrote:
Thu May 17, 2018 8:22 pm
Hi, Welcome to the forum keorbie !
Here are all important links:
-A few rules and useful forum instructions
since there was aW10 update i can't use vsti's anymore?
That is really the problem here!
You have previously used 1.1.3 successfully on your (fine) pc, and NOW (afayk, after a winUpdate) it has stopped working(?)
Not good at all, but i recommend that you get RC5x64:
https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/releases/d ... -win64.exe
Prepare a proper uninstall (backup etc)
Then uninstall and Follow these guidelines:
https://lmms.io/wiki/index.php?title=LM ... h_Settings
DL RC5 from link, and install
* install as admin -and grant all users access!
* Dont install inside your windows-folder!
Hello again and thanks for welcoming me here.

musikbear i followed your instructions and guess what? 'everything works!
After installation it is important to delete the file .lmmsrc.xml.
after I had done that I could start the program. And all vsti_s (mostly DSK) works fine again.

All thanks for reply

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