Work-in-progress Hardstyle loop; need feedback

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How is it? What would you change with it? It's only been my first year with LMMS, but I feel like this loop might be pretty dang good.

Any constructive criticism, both positive and negative, is greatly appreciated.
I think its a good start.
I agree. You're definitely on to something cool here. :D
Maybe the kick and snare are bit too buried in the mix but otherwise it's a good start.
The only thing that bothers me is the kick and snare/clap is drowned out by the other elements. Try Sidechaining. Other than that, its a good song
Okay, I hear what the other guys are talking about.

Tip: Here's what to do. Raise up the volume, of the hihat and snare a tiny bit.

The main synth and the snare are very reverberated.
As the volume of the snare is low, the snare is a little confused with the main synth.
At the same time, I find that the snare sounds good like that.
Maybe you can leave it like that in this sequence, and then modify it or add a new snare in the rest of the track, to have a better impact, to have a snare that goes to the foreground.

Concerning structure, there are two parts that are distinguished by the rhythm of the drums (part A and part B).
You could continue the track by repeating something of part A and adding a new instrument, for example an instrument that plays the role of lead.
But after? Idk.

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