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Hi. Another new song. Have gone between minor and major key :). Hope it works. All feedback needed :o. Thanks
Listen to The Central Cavern by Dewke #np on #SoundCloud
you vex me with every track you make
Thanks ;) :lol:
Dude! I'm digging this track!
Especially that bass and that beat! 8-)

Lower down the volume, of the hand drum a tiny bit, about,.....5% or 8%.
Your choice. ;)
A cavern full of strange beings :)

Maybe a little too much reverb in the cavern.
Some elements are very reverberated, others are not. I find that the contrast is a little too marked.
Maybe you can also vary the reverb parameters from one sequence to another (via automation), to simulate different spaces in the cavern.
Thanks for the feedback. The track didn't turn out how I wanted it really :(. Too many comprises. It started off sounding much harder and less smooth, which sounded much better. My new track is a 100 times better :D

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