Electronic music production training for CHILDREN

Share and discuss your LMMS music projects here, and see what people think!
Electronic music production training for CHILDREN and NOT MUSICIANS
You will use FREE LMMS.
You will work remotely by Skype with screen sharing.
Some example of original music from my last class

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Hi Marcperi.
Nice beat.
The intro with those delayed pads does not fit very well with the type of music, but allong the song you added very interesting litle noises and beats.
I think you have some sense of what you want to produce, and that is great. About those pads, maybe rethink them in some way, so that they don't seem so out of beat.
Take this from someone that loves pad sounds :D

At first glance, your mixing / mastering also seems very good for this track, the sounds are very clear and sharp, which is excelent.
Hope to hear more from you in the future :D