Harry’s last thought before death was of Ginny!!

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Harry’s crush on Ginny and their subsequent relationship in the last two (but particularly the sixth) book led to some of my all time favorite moments in the whole series. I’ve always found their relationship heartwarming and charming in the face of the increasingly dark tones of the final books and written with care and depth despite the fact that it only comes into play in the sixth book.

Each time I reread when I near the end I find something new about Harry’s crush or their relationship to latch on to and it becomes even more adorable. Admittedly it has been a long time since my last reread, but I was taken aback at the end of the 7th. I had completely forgotten that during what Harry believes to be his final moments of life the face that pops into his minds eye isn’t Ron and Hermione, Sirius, or his parents but Ginny.
I don’t know why that little detail shocked me as much as it did, but it really touched me and will make the buildup to their relationship that much more meaningful to me on future reads.

I’m not sure whether the topic of Ginny and Harry has been talked about to death, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has, but that moments been running through my mind constantly since I read it and I just wanted to get it down somewhere. Feel free to disagree I welcome a conversation on the topic.
Oh! I love harry potter :evil:
In the sixth book it seems they have got more relationship..

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