how to get a wave-like, sshhhhh synth pad

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For the track I'm working on, I would like to try to use a synth pad doing a wave like, sshhhhh sound.
An example is in this video, from start to second 15, but predominant at about second 5 and second 11:

Can I design such a sound with the triple oscillator? Or is there a tutorial somewhere?

Thanks in advance!
Wow! I haven't heard that song, in such a super long time. O.O

Okay, there are many names for that sound, you're trying to recreate.
Air rush sound
Air sweep sound or Uplifter (when automated)
White noise (This seems to be the common name for it.)

The sound is made using a noise wave.
You can use triple oscillator, which is included in lmms, to make that sound.
But if you use, a free vst called Synth 1, you can change the pitch, of the air rush sound.

Here is a link to a nice tut, where the sound is made, using triple oscillator.
From 0 to 3:16 secs, is where he makes the sound.

I could be wrong here, but I think the one, heard in the vid you linked us too,
might be kinda filtered though.
That was exactly what I needed, thanks!
raphinou wrote:
Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:52 pm
That was exactly what I needed, thanks!
Yay!! 8-)

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