How to copy paste song segments?

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I have LMMS 1.1.3 on Linux.

I tried looking for instructions in the wiki and it said in the song editor article under the edit mode section:

"Marked blocks can not only be moved, but can be copied (ctrl+c) and inserted (ctrl+v) at the play-head position, anywhere in your project."

So I went to edit mode, marked multible blocks on multiple tracks, pressed crtl+c, and moved the vertical line thingy (where play starts from if I press play) to the position where I wanted to paste the segment. Then when I pressed ctrl+v it did nothing, except seemingly unselected the original selection. Is there something I have misunderstood? What is the play-head position? Or is my LMMS version too outdated (I guess I'm gonna download the new one soon)?

Thanks :)
the new version (1.2.0rc7) is needed to copy multiple segments
ctrl+drag the segment or ctrl-drag the selection
itnithand wrote:
Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:33 am
I have LMMS 1.1.3 on Linux.
What is the play-head position?
That is where you have stopped or dragged the song-editor play-head to, and also correspond to the values in either Bars, Beats, and Ticks or Min, Sekd, mSekd, in the Timer-readout
Image (observe that you can toggle between these two readout, by clicking the Timer)

Or is my LMMS version too outdated
Yes, and the one you need to get is the AppImage on the Linux-tab! ... 4.AppImage

Besides that, since you are new in Forum
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