Calf LADSPA Stereo Tools - The 6 Modes

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Say, does anyone know what the 6 different modes of the aforementioned plugin are? I'll damned if I can find it anywhere in the documentation they supply :D

Cheers good folk <3
They're 7 modes. I did a bit of digging in the code and found this list:

LR ▸ LR (Stereo Default)
LR ▸ MS (Stereo to Mid-Side)
MS ▸ LR (Mid-Side to Stereo)
LR ▸ LL (Mono Left Channel)
LR ▸ RR (Mono Right Channel)
R ▸ L+R (Mono Sum L+R)
LR ▸ RL (Stereo Flip Channels)
zonkmachine wrote:
Thu May 16, 2019 4:46 pm
this list
Very neat! :+1
Not trying to be funny, but there is documentation on the calf plugins ?

I recently tried the Calf stereo tool ladspa. ( lets dial all knobs and listen what happens )

You can easily widen you're mix, and then there is a knob I love, which fixes the sounds getting thinner if you widen the stereo. The M level knob.

This pug-in does not really change the panning of the mix, as another lmms plugin I tried to widen the stereo, did.

In my limited understanding of plug-ins in general, The M level is like a saturate knob.
There's an on-line manual for the Calf plugins.

Stereo Tools.
Thank you. :)
Bookmarked t.

M Level: The level of the middle signal

That's the knob I meant. :)
zonkmachine wrote:
Sat May 18, 2019 3:14 pm
There's an on-line manual for the Calf plugins.
Just to preemptive the obvious:
No LMMS cant natively show any of these UI

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