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Hi from Washington DC USA. I am attempting to install LMMS V1.2.0 on 64-bit hardware that is actually running the 32-bit version of Win7 SP1 (I work for a non-profit corporation -- that's what we got). In trying to install both the 32- and 64-bit versions, the following DLLs will not be accepted:


...I am certain there are more, but I gave up right about here. What else should I be trying at this point? Thanks.
If you're operating system is 32 bit, you should use the 32 bit LMMS version.

What do mean by, the following is not excepted?
What is the error you get if any ?
Each one of the DLLS I indicated in my first message opens a Windows "RED X" box stating, Error Opening File For Writing.

I can Abort, Ignore, or Retry -- Ignoring these DLLs cause the program to not install properly, and Retrying just keeps cycling back to the same box.
I think you should run the installer, you downloaded as admin.

Right click on the lmms file you downloaded, and click -run as admin.
I gave that a go just now, Gps. Same issue. I get hung up on the DLLs and the program will not install.

I've got another Win7 box at home; I'll try to install it there and get back to you if I find a distinct correlation between both machines. In the meantime, I'll see if I can get my IT guy to do a Windows update - - - I'm sure I'm a couple of sub-versions behind. Thanks for the suggestions.
AP_in_DC wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:19 pm
I gave that a go
You cant!
You are using the wrong binary-pack.
Those errors are from windows when a x64 binary is attempted used on a x32 OS/ pc
Remove anything that is installed!
Get the new 1.2.0 for x32 here ... -win32.exe
Install that!

Besides that, since you are new in Forum
Welcome AP_in_DC!
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Gps, Musikbear . . .

Thanks very much for your suggestions and advice. Musik, I had tried both the 64- and 32-bit versions on my machine and got the same results: no installation, with the same DLLs failing and holding up the show.

Since this was going on my work machine, I wondered if our ineffective IT staff had been keeping up on the latest Windows updates. Short answer: Hell no. Fact is, they were close to two years late on both the standard and critical stuff. I did my own update, rebooted and tried installing the 32-bit version one last time.

This time it took.

I appreciate your time and attention to my issues. Had I known the people hired to "manage" my computer were not keeping up on the latest-and-greatest, I wouldn't have bothered you. Thanks again for the help.

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